Most men go through a rough patch in their relationship. It is a normal process but the outcome will be determined based on how they handle the challenge in an effective way. What is the relationship advice for men who are going through tough times in their relationship?

Firstly, don’t let jealousy come between you and your partner.  Women usually want to get away from their partner, not because they found a more attractive man, but because of his suffocating jealousy.  So learn to control your jealousy, before it controls you, and drives the woman you love away.

One of the best relationship advice for men is to communicate their expectations. Most men are bad at communication skills and this seriously hampers their ability to express freely. Good communication does not imply that you talk continuously for many hours. Talking for even a few minutes daily can make your partner feel special. Even if you have hectic schedules, it would be advisable to allocate time daily to each other.

Appreciate every small gesture of your partner and learn to respect them. This will make them feel loved and special. Men tend to ignore this simple gesture and this would be among the important relationship advice for men.

Accepting mistakes and not letting the big male ego come in the way of an apology is also a good relationship advice for men. All of us tend to commit mistakes both big and small and it is important that we accept them and apologize for the hurt that has been caused.

Do not take your loved one for granted. Each one of us wants to feel loved and men who recognize and fulfill this need will be successful in their relationships. There will be ups and downs in any relationship and you will need to take the highs with the lows and work on it to make it successful and long lasting.

The other relationship advice for men would be to keep the romance alive. Men tend to woo women only during the initial days of dating and marriage and ignore such simple gestures after some time. Keep the romance alive by giving her small gifts or surprising her with a well thought genuine compliment.

It is important to recognize that you are two different individuals who are bound together by love. So give each other space and the opportunity to grow without your constant presence. Most women feel suffocated in relationships where they are not trusted to do anything on their own. Offer advice only when sought and do not try to micro manage the life of your loved one as they will feel stifled.

Listening to your partner is one of the best relationship advice for men. Most men try and dominate a conversation and do not allow the partner to speak freely. This will be bad for a healthy relationship. Long lasting relationships are built on the basis of good communication and listening is an integral part of it.

There are many non verbal gestures like hugging, smiling, kissing and cuddling that are very important and this will help strengthen the relationship. This is a relationship advice for men that can truly show how much they love and appreciate the presence of the partner in their lives.