Is your relationship about to break up? Do you find yourself constantly arguing with your partner? Has your partner found someone else, but you want to get them back? 

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Saving a relationship is a delicate manner, and its important to follow a system that works in a strategic manner.
Do you have problems in your relationship? Do you really care about it? Do you want to save it? Most individuals encounter some problem in their relationship at some point of time but if the problem continues unabated, you will need to look at it and try to find an amicable and lasting solution. So how to save your relationship?
Relationships are precious and if you are really intent to save it from disaster there are many simple steps that will help you win back the love of your life. Here are some simple tips in how to save your relationship.
• Most relationships start going downhill as we fail to communicate our thoughts and opinions with our loved ones. So first and foremost, you will need to open the channel of communication. It is one of the most effective ways to save a relationship from failing. However do remember to be kind and courteous while you communicate and avoid hurtful remarks and references.
• All of us tend to be charming and try to woo the loved one during the initial stages of a relationship but after we get over this phase we tend to take things for granted. Dress well and make the effort to create the magic again in your relationship.
• Learn to express your feelings. Everyone admires an individual who is open, frank and honest. There are various ways to compliment and express your admiration for your loved one.
• Keep the excitement alive by surprising each other. For instance you can organize a surprise party for her/his friends or get her/him something they love.
• It is very common to commit mistakes in a relationship. Accept your mistake and apologize genuinely. Most people tend to forgive past mistakes if the apology and repentance is genuine.
• Give each other space and let them do the things they love. Most people tend to interfere a lot in each other’s decisions and life in general and this can cause a lot of frustration.
• Try and seek help if both of you are keen to save the relationship. You can seek the help of a counselor who will be able to identify the problems and offer simple solutions.
• Most of us tend to have hectic lifestyles and do not devote time and attention to the person we love. No relationship can survive if it is not nurtured and cared. It would be advisable to devote some time to things that you loved doing earlier.
• Do not be possessive and jealous as you will only stifle the relationship by displaying such emotions. Build trust and explore new horizons together or as separate individuals.
• Listen to your partner. There are many verbal and non verbal cues that we tend to miss when we do not listen in an attentive manner to what our partner is saying.
These simple tips on how to save your relationship will help you rebuild it and live happily.
I know what its like to be worried about breaking up with a girl.. I know what it feels like..I have been there..
In the next few minutes you are going to find out not only:
How to Get Your Ex-Back? BUT- how to make them want you..
How to use a simple psychological trigger to:
– Remind them of all the initial reasons they were attracted to you
– The love you used to share, how much they miss you, and of how much fun they used to have with you..
You know as well as I do, convincing your ex to get back together is like falling asleepthe harder you try, the worse it gets..
The fact is, trying to convince your ex puts you in a position of weakness…and them in position of power-
So that’s not what we should do..
After a break up it is difficult to make sense of things, our emotions are all over the place, its hard to even know what to think.
Our friend do their best to try and support us because they care and love us, BUTthey don’t really know what you are going you advice like move on.. find someone else..
But you want Her..
Eventually what happens, is we end up driving our partner further and further away.
So they dont return the calls or the texts anymore
Every relationships has chalenges
Even though relationships may end because of disagreements and conflicts,they usually diebecause of what a person does AFTER the break up..
It’s really important you know what to do after the break up..
because that will determine if they are gone forever.
Who do you listen to?
Your ex does not need to be convinced, hypnotised, or hear magic words.
Your ex needs to be reminded of what attracted them to you in the first place..
But this has to be done in the right way – you can’t just call them up and say this..
There are some hard -wired psychological triggers that can do this for you.
All you have to know is – what are those triggers and when to use them..