All relationships from time to time will experience difficulties. If these relationship problems persist and escalate, eventually you may find that you and your partner break up. To avoid breaking up though you need to work through your relationship difficulties and find ways of ensuring that they do not continue. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and you feel that it may be nearing the end of the line, then you should look into the Text Your Ex tool as an aid to fix things and getting your ex back. This is a great tool, particularly if you are the only one that is trying to fix things.

To help you get started though, the following are some helpful solutions to many of the common difficulties and problems that couples experience.

An Unfaithful Partner – When someone in a relationship cheats, it is very difficult problem to resolve. This is mainly because cheating creates distrust in a couple and without trust there is no solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. The one who was cheated on will be in a constant state of worry and paranoia about the cheater and whether they are cheating again. That trust has to be re-earned, which is not easy. If you find yourself in this situation you have to ask yourself if the relationship is worth saving, if you could ever really forgive your cheating partner. If you can and you still have love for them, then you should obviously work on building your relationship back up. There are many couples who survive some form of infidelity and survive to tell the tale.

A Lack Of Affection – This is one of those issues that are easily overlooked. What often happens in a relationship is that both halves show a lot of affection to each other in the early stages when everything is fresh and new. As time goes by though, one half or both partners don’t feel the need to try as hard. They take it as unsaid their feelings towards their partner. If you find that you are not receiving or giving enough affection – try talking about it with your partner and even the smallest of gestures will go a long way. This could be a quick hug here, holding a hand when out and about or small kiss before you or they leave the house.

Arguments And Fights – Most couples will experience some form of dispute and while you can’t expect to agree with your partner on all matters, too many arguments, and in particular, fights are not healthy for the survival of a relationship. It may be a case of considering the way you deal with misunderstandings and disagreements now and thinking of a different way to deal with them.

Jealousy – This is actually a really big problem. I am sure we have all come across a couple or know a couple where one half is very jealous of the other – who they speak to, what they do and maybe even where they are employed or educated. When someone in a relationship becomes jealous of the other, they also become very controlling and try to dictate what the other can and can’t do. This is not a healthy way to live and if you are the jealous type you will have to find a way to control it or you may find that the partner you are trying to control walks away from the relationship.

A Lack Of Intimacy And Sexual Intercourse – This is a problem that occurs usually when one half has a greater appetite than the other. Although we are all different and obviously have different libidos, this problem should never be overlooked as it often is one of the reasons cited for infidelity. If you find yourself on either side of this problem within your relationship, it is important that you talk about it. Often the best solution is to find some happy medium – a compromise that means that partner who would like more sexual activity feels satisfied but the other half feels that their feelings are also respected.

Obviously, if you and your partner can avoid the relationship difficulties and problems discussed above, your relationship has a better chance of lasting. However, it is not always easy to stop these problems and difficulties from arising. If you feel that you have reached the stage where you can no longer just talk about your problems and find a solution between yourselves, you need outside help. One of the best programs that can help you find the solutions you need is the highly recommended and successful Text Your Ex Program.