For a lot of men, its not easy to see their women being hit on by another man.  It creates feelings of anger and jealousy. So how should you handle a guy hitting on your woman? Pretend you don’t care? get angry? keep your cool?

Sure, it doesn’t feel comfortable to see the woman you are dating being hit on by other men.  The fact is, if you are with an attractive woman, expect her to get a lot of attention and to be hit on.  This is just the way it is.

You need to practise the art of being un-reactive, which does get easier with time, I have to admit.   If you struggle with this, then have heard the saying, fake it till you make it? In time, you’ll realise that even though women flirt with other men and maybe exchange numbers, it’s really nothing and they would rather be with you anyway.  Always remember, women like to flatter their sometimes, its not about making you jealous, but more to stroke her ‘feminine charm’ maybe as a mental note to tell herself ‘I still got it’.

The thing is, women do not want someone who will hinder their sociability.

So if this is a new relationship you are in, and your girl is being hit on, then what you should do is probably wonder off, be completely unaffected and go ahead and approach some new people as well.  Do NOT hang around.  In just a short while, you’ll be able to watch her come running after you.

If you feel that your girl is leading other men on, then you should definitely have a talk to her.

If you have not built up enough connection with her for her to value YOU more than some NEW GUY, then go back to the drawing board, and figure out how to build an emotional connection.  OR it could be that she is just the type of girl who goes along with the next shiny thing that comes along and you are just a stand up guy.  HER LOSS. Literally.

So sometimes there is really nothing you can do, and the women will go off with the next man that she takes a liking to. You will learn to spot these women with more experience.

Comments from a woman..

”However, if my guy just didn’t seem to care if other guys were hitting on me after we had been dating a while, I would assume the guy didn’t care about me.  I might end up dumping him as not caring at all if other guys were interested would be a huge turn off for me.  It would NOT make me want to work harder at gaining his attention, it would become a fault that I would obsess over negatively with friends the next time you did something assho*esh.”

So in reality, a lot of women want to make their man jealous. This happens a lot.

In my book, The Real Man’s Guide to Controlling Jealousy, I go into great detail about how to react to jealousy in a way that she will appreciate and respond to.

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