Let’s talk about How to Cure Jealousy

The very first step to curing jealousy is to acknowledge that jealousy is very common and experienced by many people, and you are a fallible human being to experience it.  Don’t think you are weak or immature or that there is something wrong with you.  It is just something you have to work through.  Remember, your jealousy is only one part of you and does not define you as a person.

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So, accepting yourself for feeling it is the first step..and then there is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.  Your partner can contribute to making you feel jealous, but it is you who ultimately has your thoughts, beliefs that dictate how you think about their behaviour.  It is not them, its you! As harsh as this may sound, one has to come to terms with it.  Stop choosing to accuse their partner of ‘making you feel this way’, by doing things like talking to other men, dancing with other men.  The fact is you as a man is totally responsible for your feeling of jealousy.

The next step in knowing how to cure jealousy is we need to make a commitment to ourselves that we will overcome this self-destructive emotion called jealousy.   Making a promise that we will do whatever it takes to overcome jealousy.  Refuse to act on jealousy.. and you will find that it goes away.  Make a commitment to yourself now.   Don’t delay.

Once you stop acting on jealousy, you will reduce the power that jealousy has over you..

How to Cure Jealousy (part ii)

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Your third lesson is not to worry about the bad feelings going away, but allow yourself to feel them.  Fully experience them and don’t react to them.  Simply allow yourself to feel it, to experience it.  This is counter intuitive and it may hurt, but develop the strength to go through the pain barrier, you will survive!  Let the feelings run their course.
Just take some quiet time, get very relaxed, and allow your body to feel those emotions physically.  Fully feel the feeling of jealousy.  How is it reflecting in your body.  Is your gut tight for example? how about your chest? allow yourself to feel them.  This exercise has helped me tremendously, because it helps me live with them when they come up, even if they wont go away.

This is a really effective exercise, feel the jealousy to its maximum extent.

Next on how to cure jealousy, is to practise the art of talking about jealousy.  Communicate your feelings, don’t hold it inside.  If you have burning questions in your mind, ask her about them. Otherwise they will grow more threatening in your mind.  In my book I go to great detail about when and how to do this.

It’s not worth trying to pretend that you are so enlightened that you never feel jealous.  Jealousy is not a sign of weakness.  If you are trying to protect yourself and your partner from jealousy, this will only lead to more distance, and this will not bring you close.  Make yourself vulnerable, but in the right way.

Control your imagination..

Stop imagining the worst because your imagination can make every man a perfect opponent.  Truth is, reality is less terrifying than fiction.  It is usual for men who are really jealous to be able to conjure up in their mind images that are unrealistic,  especially when they don’t know what their girlfriend or wife is up to.  How many of us simply tell ourselves ‘I don’t know’, and then leave it at that.  So its important to become OK and comfortable with not knowing.

It’s easy for you to imagine the worst.  This is especially the case when your partner is not with you.. or she is out for a few drinks.

Next, we need to ask ourselves, what is it that is triggering your jealousy and WHY? If we try to address the ‘jealousy’ itself, without addressing the issues underneath it, we will only get frustrated.   To overcome jealousy, we have to deal with the underlying emotion.

I hope you have found this article on how to cure jealousy useful.

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