symptoms of jealousyJealousy is different for every man, and the symptoms are also different.  But what are some of the common symptoms of jealousy?

If you are jealous, you have probably experienced many of the symptoms that we will discuss in this article.

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As you may be aware, Jealousy is a very strong emotion that can literally take over your whole body and if you are a jealous man, this usually becomes the main thing in your life.  It becomes the lens which you see everything through.

The physical symptoms of jealousy are very similar to when someone is experiencing high anxiety, increased heart rate, watching all the
time, being nervous.

Jealousy is not just one emotion, and it can manifest in many ways.   Some of these include anger, fear, hurt, betrayal, anxiety, agitation, sadness, suspicion, depression, loneliness, envy, feeling powerless, feeling excluded and panic.   All these feelings can be attributed to being jealous.

It can cause you to be withdrawn and moody like nothing else in the world matters.

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Symptoms of Jealousy

  • Have you ever accused your partner of being too friendly with someone else?
  • Have you ever lost a partner due to jealousy or has a partner threatened to leave you as a result of your jealousy?
  • Have you ever accused your partner of dressing too provocatively or too nice?
  • Have you been accused of asking stupid questions?
  • Have you ever wondered if your jealousy is truly justified?
  • Have you ever checked up on your partner by going through their phone, email, computer to look for any clues?
  • Are you convinced that your partner is interested in members of the opposite sex?
  • do you find it hard to accept that she will be with another guy?
  • do you find it hard to see her flirting with another guy in front of you?
  • are you scared to leave her alone for any amount of time whilst you are out with her because you are afraid another guy might come and talk to her and try to pick her up?
  • When you are out for a meal, do you feel awkward when she goes to the toilet or goes to smoke by herself?
  • because you fear losing her, you become very controlling about whom to let her talk with, and for what amount of time.
  •  When you are out, you find yourself watching her every move.
  • If you are not with her, you constantly worry about what she is getting up to and with whom she is with.
  • In a social setting, you cant be your normal are afraid who she is talking to..
  • Do you fear that your actions will create the thing you most fear?
  • Is this type of thinking really eating you up inside..
  • Do you think your partner is ‘treading water’..waiting for something better to come along.
  • Do you get suspicious when she doesn’t call you when she said she will?
  • Is it uncomfortable when she dances with another guy in front of you?
  • You call her to see what she is doing and she doesn’t answer your call

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then it is fair to say you have symptoms of jealousy, and I recommend you get some immediate help to eradicating jealousy from your life.