I wanted to give you guys three texts that you should NEVER send to your ex, under any circumstances.

[Note: If you have already sent some of these texts, please stop immediately. The damage can be repaired, but it will take some work.]

1 – What they call The “Wussy” Text . . .

“I’m SORRY! I’m SO SORRY! I know I messed up! But I can change. If you will just give me one more chance. I will do anything! I can’t live without you!”

If you’re like a lot of men, the first text you sent to your ex was something along those lines above . . . basically just begging and pleading to be taken back, taking 100% complete responsibility for the break up and trying to “pity” your ex into coming back to you.

Which by the way will actually never (ever) work. The reason is simply because begging is extremely unattractive and also it’s because even if the break up was your fault, this is not a correct foundation to rebuild a relationship on and because even if she does take you back after getting a text like this you would be in “The doghouse” for such a long time that you wouldn’t even have a relationship.

2 – The “BLAME text” 

“You made me do it, you bad person! Who are you with now? I hate you so much for leaving me. You suck!!”
This usually happens after a few drinks. The reason why this text is bad is because most people don’t love being attacked and if you add to this acting jealous, you will drive your ex even further away.

The WHY??? text..

It’s very common that soon after the break up you begin to ask yourself why it was that she broke up with you.  Everyone wants to know the reason of why their ex broke up with them.

“I just want to know what I did? Just tell me WHY it is that we can’t be together any more.I need to know.I need some sort of explanation.ANYTHING! WHY WON’T YOU TALK TO ME??”

This text is bad because just like the “Wussy”text above, it takes ALL of your power and attractiveness as a man away.

So if any of these sound familiar, or you have sent them yourself, it’s OK. However, you have to stop immediately.

Here is what you should do instead..

Initially after a break up, you should not text ANYTHING. To make it as clear as possible, if you want to have any chance whatsoever at getting back with her, then you must take the time to cool off, and not contact your ex at all.  This should be done for the first 30 days as a minimum. Start working on yourself, begin to accept and be cool with the break up and start to rebuild your self esteem and your confidence.

Once you have done this, then you begin the process of getting into her mind again..dropping small hints about what she’s missing..activating the jealousy section of her mind, and basically reminding her in subtle ways that you’re the only man she’ll truly be happy with.

These can be all be communicated via text message, but they must be done in the right way and at the right time.

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