My name is Kirk Jacobs and I created this website in order to help men whose relationships are suffering, or are on the verge of break up because of unnecessary jealousy. I can honestly tell you that there is hope to overcome this self destructive emotion and I am here to show you how!

I had struggled with Jealousy for many years before I finally managed to control it. Jealousy is an emotion we all have, but some of us have it more than others. For me, it was particularly bad, in the sense that I was an emotional wreck, and it ended up making me very unhappy, and I spent many wasted hours feeling sad, frustrated, worrying and not knowing what this whole feeling called jealousy was or how to overcome it.

Basically I felt that I had no control.

Eventually, it ended up destroying my relationship and pushing the women I loved away.   I spent the next few weeks desperately trying to get my ex back, but to no avail. It taught me a big lesson.

I can tell you life is too short to be living it with jealousy and the misery that it brings to your relationship.

Thank fully, after much research, speaking to experts and trial and error, fast forward to today, and I can gladly say I have won my battle against jealousy. I am happier than ever in my relationship and as a person! Long gone are the days of wrestling with the emotional turmoil associated with jealousy such as anger, pain, range, sadness, fear and grief.

I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to finally have this behind me, and to be able to look forward to focusing on bettering my relationship, and enjoying all the value that it brings to my life, rather than worrying about whether my partner will cheat on me, or if they will leave me for someone else, or that I have to control their every move.

My relationship is much stronger as a result of learning how to control my jealousy, and it is my aim to teach you the things that have helped me in my journey to a jealous free and happy relationship.

No matter what level your jealousy is at, you do have what it takes to overcome it.  This I promise you.

“You have to get to know yourself better”

You have to acknowledge that you are a jealous person, and take responsibility for that. If you are willing to do just those things, you are half way there, my friend.

Jealousycontrolled.com is your number one site for learning about why you have feelings of jealousy in the first place and more importantly how to control and overcome them.

I promise you that the information on here can make a big difference to your life now, and in the years to come.

Take a look at the great content here, and if you have any questions I can always be reached here. This is my personal email, and I check it regularly.   

I hope to hear of the day you write your own success story over jealousy!

Author: “The Real Man’s Guide to Controlling Jealousy”