Are you a jealous boyfriend?

Do you find yourself doing the following things?:

  • telling your partner how she should dress
  • insisting on escorting her to mundane places
  • excessive phone calls to know her whereabouts
  • being overly concerned about where your partner is going when socializing

A jealous boyfriend needs to feel that his girlfriend loves him, and wants constant demonstration of this. He always tests how far she will go for him.  He will encourage the activity of staying at home together, rather than going out.

He finds way to ensure the woman is there for him, by taking her away from her friends and activities, and isolating her for his needs. He also creates fictitious scenarios where he needs her help and assistance.

A jealous boyfriend will frequently criticize a woman and make her feel bad about herself. They will remind the woman how lucky they are to be with him, and he will always love them for who they are.

The biggest problem in the dating world is jealous and possessive men. Truth is, there is nothing worse to a girl than having a jealous boyfriend.

Men don’t believe that they can keep a woman or that they deserve her, due to lack of self confidence and low self esteem. What’s more, they have a hard time trusting their partner. This causes all sorts of problems.  Trust in a relationship is vital to the success of the relationship.

Possessive and jealous men believe a guy will come along and steal their woman away. What’s more, they don’t trust the girl they are with, or the words she says. They are always paranoid, thinking that their girlfriend is plotting to cheat on them. So there is never any trust there.

Deep down they feel that they don’t deserve her, and that she could do better.

Many women complain that they have a jealous boyfriend or jealous husband and can’t understand why this is the case.

I was having a conversation with a female friend of mine recently.  She is extremely beautiful, outgoing, sexy, smart and basically is a real catch.  Anyway, she was relating to me a story about how she went out for some drinks with a group of friends from college, and during the course of the conversation she mentioned that she was back at home by midnight.  I asked why she had come back so early and this is what she told me:

‘My boyfriend wouldn’t allow me to go out later than that’.

To this day, it still puzzles me how some men will be impose all kinds of restrictions on their women.  I couldn’t understand why her boyfriend would impose those restrictions on her, so I asked her what his reasons where for demanding that she comes back so early.

She said that he didn’t want her to stay out that late because they should be out together, and not her by herself.  She asked him if he trusted her, and he said the classic line every guy says to their girlfriend when they feel jealousy and insecurity in relationships:

==> ‘Its not you I don’t trust, it’s the men you are with’..

OK.. Well if the girl doesn’t want to do anything, then what’s trusting the guy got to do with it?

Clearly, she has a jealous boyfriend.  Needless to say, women may may put up with that kind of behaviour once or twice, but they will soon get bored with how immature, controlling and selfish it is.  In fact, it didn’t take long before she become fed up, and decided to break off the relationship.

If you wondering how to stop your jealousy, I highly recommend The Real Man’s Guide to Controlling Jealousy.

If you don’t learn how to cure jealousy, you are going to lose her for good.  Believe me, I understand what you are going through. And I have found the solution to your jealous behaviour.